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Gender, Diversity and Parental involvement in cyberbullying interventions

Hosted by University of Turku, Finland
Research Fields
Psychological science, education

Many parent training and information programmes on bullying and cyberbullying are routed through schools and parent associations. However, participation rates of males in regards to direct dealings with schools, as well as in parent associations, are low. The aim of this study is to examine (1) the knowledge and attitudes of mothers vs fathers regarding (cyber)bullying and the weight of importance each gives to the problem; (2) differences in mothers’ and fathers’ interaction with their children in regards to (cyber)bullying; (3) the role diversity plays in parents’ interactions with their children and with the schools in relation to (cyber)bullying. Quantitative survey data will be utilized and analysed so as to inform practical approaches to working with parents of both genders, and provide recommendations for schools.

The host institution will be University of Turku, Finland. The project includes two planned secondments at (1) Irish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC), Ireland, at month 12 for 3 months and (2) University of Stavanger, Norway, at month 26, for 3 months.
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