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SAILS Resource for Parents

The Sailing Masters’ Guide to Navigating the Digital World With Your Child.

This guide is targeting parents who believe that digital technology can be a good element of their children’s lives with proper guidance, and not those who would do anything to prevent their children from using digital devices (in their presence or with their consent). We want our children to learn how to navigate digital waters, even if they are unpredictable and sometimes harsh, not to be stuck in the harbour.

This guide was specifically designed to support parents with school-aged children. While some of the topics are not relevant for all age groups within this range, the Guide aims to support parents of children aged 6 to 18. Some of the chapters are more relevant if you have older children, but since these young ones will become teenagers and will reach an age when they are close to adulthood very fast, you may also read about topics that parents of older children face more often.

The resource was developed in collaboration by Parents International and the European School Heads Association in the SAILS project, and validated by expert focus groups.

It includes a chapter on advising parents about cyberbullying.