Name of Doctoral Candidate

Name of Supervisor(s)

Registered Institution

 Title of Study

1. Deniz Celikoglu Prof. Debbie Ging Dublin City University, Ireland Parents’ experiences of their children’s involvement in abusive behaviour online (in particular in relation to ‘radicalisation’ into extreme online groups and ideas).
2. Meghmala Muhkerjee Prof. James O’Higgins-Norman Dublin City University, Ireland Navigating Digital Childhood: Balancing Children’s Rights and Parental Mediation for Online Safety and Inclusion
3. Isabel Machado  da Silva Dr. Audrey Bryan Dublin City University, Ireland Enhancing family-school partnerships to prevent on/offline forms of bullying
4. Anastasiia Petrova Prof. Christina Salmivalli University of Turku, Finland Gender, Diversity and Parental involvement in cyberbullying interventions
5. Luisa Morello Prof. Hildegunn Fandrem (main supervisor) and Prof. Simona Caravita (co-supervisor) University of Stavanger, Norway Study 1. Motives, attitudes and school context related to cyberbullying and identity-based cyberbullying  among students in Norway
Study 2. Cyberbullying involving Sámi students and the role of parents
6. Ebru Özbek Prof. Simona Caravita (main supervisor) and Prof. Hildegunn Fandrem and Ida Risanger Sjursø (co-supervisors) University of Stavanger, Norway Developing knowledge about consequences of cyberbullying experiences and schools’ action, also involving parents
7. Shan Hu Prof. Dagmar Strohmeier, UiS (primary), Prof. Hildegunn Fandrem, UiS and Prof. Simona Caravita University of Stavanger, Norway The Importance of Measurement Issues on Prevalence Rates of Bullying and Cyberbullying in Large-scale Cross-national Datasets (EUKO, HBSC, and TIMSS)
8. Luca Janka László Dr. Eszter Salamon (Ida Risanger Sjursø, Simona Carla Silvia Caravita, Hildegunn Fandrem) IPA Stichting, Netherlands (will also be enrolled in the doctoral programme of UiS), the Netherlands The Impact of adult bullying on children becoming cyberbullies
9. Kainaat Maqbool Prof. Liza Tsaliki National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece Growing up as an African or Mixed-race in Greece: Youth’s Experiences of (Cyber) Bullying
10. Giorgia Scuderi Prof. Dorte-Marie Sondergaard University of Aarhus, Denmark Young people and parents negotiating and policing gender through online bullying