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Developing knowledge about consequences of cyberbullying experiences and schools’ action, also involving parents

Hosted by University of Stavanger, Norway
Research Fields
Social sciences

The focus will be on cyberbullying consequences and preventing cyberbullying, with three main objectives: (1) improve school owners’ capacity in following up after cyberbullying, (2) support schools in identifying and resolving cyberbullying cases, and rebuilding a good and safe learning environment, (3) use the whole school community approach to develop the school support system including parents. Methodology: questionnaires with different informants (school staff, parents, pupils, and community experts) and a pilot regarding actions.

The host institution will be University of Stavanger, Norway. The project includes two planned secondments at (1) Youthworks, UK, month 16 for 3 months, and (2) University of Turku, month 26 for 4 months.
Further Enquiries

Professional enquiries in relation to this project can be obtained from Professor Simona Caravita e-mail: simona.c.caravita@uis.no or Professor Hildegunn Fandrem e-mail: hildegunn.fandrem@uis.no. Information about the appointment procedure can be obtained from HR-advisor Camelia Danaei, e-mail: camelia.danaei@uis.no.

Application Procedure

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