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Parents’ experiences of young people’s involvement in online gendered and sexual harassment (in particular in relation to ‘radicalisation’ into extreme online groups and ideas)

Hosted by Dublin City University, Ireland

This study addresses the involvement of parents of both victims and perpetrators of online sexist and sexual bullying. Of particular interest is the role played by online anti-woman movements in providing a ‘rationale’, discourse and set of tactics to many young people who engage in this type of abuse. The study will ask how parents became aware of their children’s involvement, how schools or other organisations (e.g social media platforms) intervened, and what supports were available to them and their children.

The host institution will be Dublin City University, Ireland. The project includes two planned secondments at (1) Dell Technologies, Ireland, at month 12 for 3 months and (2) Aarhus University, Denmark, at month 26, for 4 months.
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